01. She was in [agony] because of her cancer and simply wanted to die.
02. The injured horse was in [agony], so the farmer shot it.
03. She suffered an [agonizing] death when she was caught in the machinery at the factory.
04. We [agonized] for days over what to do before finally making the decision to sell our car rather than try to have it repaired again.
05. The prisoner was in [agony] after being tortured by the guards.
06. The soldier lay in his hospital bed, crying in [agony] from his many wounds.
07. We could hear people in the burning building screaming in fear and [agony].
08. Stuart went through a few [agonizing] weeks waiting to find out if he had passed all his exams.
09. The results of her medical exam were [agonizingly] slow in coming back.
10. The victim's legs had been crushed under the car and she was in obvious [agony].
11. The hiker had fallen and broken his back and [agonized] for hours before being found by a search team.
12. She did a lot of [agonizing] before deciding to take her children and leave her abusive husband.
13. Choosing to quit my job and go back to school was an [agonizing] decision for me.
14. Many animals die an [agonizing] death in the name of scientific progress.
15. The old woman gave the doctor an [agonized] look and begged him to relieve her pain.
16. Confucius once noted that he who will not economize will have to [agonize].
17. Author Maya Angelou once stated that there is no greater [agony] than bearing an untold story inside you.
18. Florynce Kennedy once advised, "Don't [agonize]. Organize."
19. Marilyn Kennedy once stated that it's better to be boldly decisive and risk being wrong than to [agonize] at length and be right too late.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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